Sunday, April 5, 2009

The REUNION Chronicles : Part 1 - The Convoy

We said 5.30am, but since all of us were working on Friday, ramai yang lambat. We departed Burger King Gombak at 7am sharp.

We stopped at Hotel UiTM Dungun for lunch and since we're musafir, the boys chose not to go for Friday prayer. Plus, we were running out of time to make sure we arrive on time for the Career Talk.

briefing before departing for Maktab

We actually stopped at a mosque a few kilometres from Maktab to pray, shower and change into wearing smart casual for the Career Talk.

Am was leading an drove fast like nobody's business. We entered Maktab compounds at around 3.30pm. As scheduled.

Sila bersabar for pics. Office dah block uploading pix. Damn. Cam tau tau jer.


che epy said...

kena mention ke skip jumaat?
mana gamba lain?

Iron Butterfly said...

epyyyyyy!!! i kidbnap gambau you letak fesbuk and here!!! jangan marah k!!!