Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009


1. What does RM 100 commitment fee means?
It shows that you are committed to come, and considerate towards us the organizers because we need the money to pay for the door gift and gift for maktab. It also covers BBQ cost.

2. How much does it cost?
Family (husband/wife + baby) = RM 260 (covers BBQ for spouse, and 2 nights stay at Kembara Resort)

Single + partner = RM 200 (covers BBQ + separate room for partner)

Female single = RM 140 all in

Male single = RM 130 all in (diorang murah sebab duduk dorm, sile jangan jeles yer)

3. Where are we staying?
It's a travellers' resort called Kembara Resort in Merang, 15 minutes away from Maktab according to google map and the resort's owner. Gem Beach was cancelled due to very late and slow payments from alumni. This is the best we can manage but it is very much cheaper so hooray!!!

4. When do we leave KL?
Activity starts at 3.30pm, so WE REALLY ENCOURAGE as many people to take a day leave on Friday so that we can convoy to Kuala Terengganu. We're meeting at Burger King just before Karak Highway at 5.30am on Friday 3rd March. One day leave is nothing compared to not going back to Maktab for 10 years, yes? ;)

5. What if we cannot take leave on Friday?
Please make a move from KL or wherever you are to KT on Friday night. So that you can be in Terengganu for the sports session at Maktab on Saturday morning.

6. When is the BBQ? Why is it not sitting dinner at a hotel or something?
Because BBQ is more relaxed and casual, and we can have more space to mix, mingle and socialize with each other.

7. Why is it so freaking far, in KUALA TERENGGANU?
Because that's where our beloved alma mater is. Because this is the ONLY time we're having reunion in Maktab. Because this marks the 10th year since we were fifth formers. All reunions or gatherings after this will be in KL, but it is not the same. Because this is like us going back to walk the memory lane. Because we don't want to fail like other batches who didn't manage to have a 10th year reunion. Because this could be the last time for most of us to go back to MRSM Kuala Terengganu and reminisce the good 'ol days.

8. Any specific thing we need to bring?
Leave your working persona at home and bring your bubbly, fun, loud, crazy persona. And of course, SPORTS GEAR because we're playing against the maktab students!!!!

9. If we can't come on Friday, but will join the BBQ, how much should we pay?
Only the RM 100. Because it covers the BBQ and the door gift.

10. If we pay RM 100 but we don't make it to the Reunion, what will happen?
We will refund your money after deducting the costs for door gift (which we will still pass to you) and also the gift for Maktab.

11. Does the payment covers the meals?
Payment covers dinner at DS on Friday, lunch at DS Saturday, and also BBQ on Saturday night.

12. Is there any theme for the BBQ?
It is called "white night". EVERYBODY MUST WEAR WHITE tops. Doesn't matter with what colour of skirts or pants =)

If you have short questions, you may SMS 017-331 5667, if you have LONG questions, please CALL, it will take time to respond if you text.

Thank you.


Dearest friends/schoolmates,

We are pleased to announce that MRSMKT 98/99 will be holding its Grand Reunion, marking a decade since our SPM, from 3 - 5 April 2009 (yes! You read it right, less than 3 months away!)

The Grand Reunion is currently dubbed “Sireh Pulang Ke Gagang”

The 3-day programme is as follows :

Friday - 3 April 2009

3.30pm Career talk
7.00pm Dinner with the students at Dewan Selera
7.30pm Maghrib, tahlil and Yaasin recital in MRSMKT Mosque

Saturday - 4 April 2009

8.30am Sports : Footbal (boys), Netball (girls), Volleybal (boys/girls)
12.00pm Lunch at Dewan Selera
1.00pm Break for prayers and to freshen up
2.30pm Launching of Sireh Pulang Ke Gagang, Performance by Alumni and current students
4.30pm Telematches
6.30pm Back to resortl to get ready for Dinner/BBQ
8.30pm Dinner/BBQ by the beach – theme to be advised soon

Sunday - 5 April 2009

8.00am Breakfast at the beach
12.00pm Checkout / free and easy before leaving Kuala Terengganu

The commitment fees is RM 100 payable to Reunion Treasurer : Norazlina Binti Norzuki - 14081265508526 CIMB ACCOUNT

The total fees (to be advised SOON) will cover :

1. Meals at Dewan Selera
2. BBQ cost
3. Reunion door gift
4. Souvenir for Maktab
5. Miscellaneous costs for Career Talk (printed materials), Sports (prizes), and others.

Please keep your reference numbers and inform Norazlina (G-na) at 012-221 0917.

You may also contact Ameen at 013-333 3923 or A’a at 017-331 5667 to confirm your attendance.

We need speakers to speak for the Career Talk – a doctor/dentist, an engineer, an architect, an accountant, someone doing his/her own business, someone in IT/multimedia industry.

You are encouraged to form teams and start training for Football, Netball and also Volleyball. We will be playing against MRSMKT current students.

We also need as many volunteers as possible (possibly from KT) to help us iron out the logistic details.

Please pass this news around to everybody from MRSMKT98/99 so that we can make this reunion a huge success!!!


Best regards,
MRSMKT 98/99 Grand Reunion Committee